Newsletter: Women Under Attack In Tennessee

March 8, 2023


It's Whitney.

When I woke this morning, I looked at Freddie and said, "It's International Women's Day and women's rights are getting rolled back here in Tennessee, and across the country." And it hurt.  

All women gained the right to vote, thanks to the actions of the Volunteer State. Now, the state that helped us break through that huge barrier is building new ones at every turn.  

So no, I didn't feel like celebrating today. And I'm not sorry.

Today, I feel like activating: Emerge Tennessee

I feel like advocating: Advocates for Women's and Kids' Equality (AWAKE)

I feel like donating: Tennessee Freedom Circle

It's not lost on Freddie or me that raising our two girls here in Tennessee isn't easy. In fact, it's getting harder by the day. But as these attacks on women keep coming, we want you to stay.

I'm a doctor, so I have to say - if you need healthcare, find a safe place for that care. But then, come back to us, so we can fight for a fairer future, together.  

I know Freddie will do everything in his power to lift up all Nashvillians, including those identifying as women, and shield us from the state's attacks. He has our backs.  



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