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Freddie O’Connell is standing up for Nashville.

For too long, the story of Nashville has been a tale of two cities - one thriving economically, prizing and prioritizing tourism and development, and one failing local workers and families because of that prioritization. We need a Mayor we can trust - someone that will stand up for the soul of Nashville, not sell it off to the highest bidder.

Freddie O’Connell is the only truly progressive candidate for Mayor. What makes him different from other candidates is that he’s like us. He doesn’t see Nashville as land to be bought or sold, or as a business to be made more profitable. He sees it as a home.

This isn’t a campaign that focuses only on a vision for the future. This is about addressing our needs, now. Freddie O’Connell is the only candidate with his priorities straight.

Freddie knows that it’s time for Nashville’s success to benefit Nashville’s people, and we need to address the issues that unchecked growth has caused. He knows this because he experiences the struggles and frustrations in his daily life that we do.

As a Metro Council Member, Freddie has a record of providing stellar service to his district, and has made progress on problems that people throughout Davidson County face. Our current Mayor has focused on tourism and the Titans stadium at the expense of basic government services like filling potholes and picking up recycling.

This is a campaign to address Nashville’s affordability, housing and homelessness issues, infrastructure and transit concerns, community safety, and overall quality of life and customer services - the things that, like so many residents, have been left behind in the name of It City.

This is Our City. This is a campaign about Nashvillians.

You could talk about finding solutions or you could make one yourself. O'Connell chose the latter."

- News Channel 5