The Last 48 Hours

February 2, 2023

In the 48 hours since the big announcement that Mayor John Cooper will not be running for re-election, we’ve been on fire! Here’s what happened:

FUNDRAISING: On Wednesday we reported the best fundraising month so far for the campaign. And since the announcement, the contributions have started coming in even more furiously than ever before—large, small, and everything in between. We are on track to have the support and resources we need to thoroughly execute our campaign plan…and win!

ENDORSEMENTS: We received key endorsements from two outstanding community leaders, councilmembers Dave Rosenberg and Sandra Sepulveda.

Councilmember Sepulveda is a forward-looking young leader and the only Latina on the Metro Council. She represents a key district in southeast Nashville and has been a passionate advocate in the struggle to bring resources to the long-ignored area.

Councilmember Rosenberg is a strong supporter of public education and represents a district at the county line that has faced different challenges than those in the downtown corridor.

I couldn’t be more proud and honored to have the support of my colleagues who understand my work ethic, policy vision, and leadership style as we have a conversation with the whole city. That they come from two such different areas that each have their strengths and challenges is a testament to my commitment to deliver real-world solutions to everyone who lives and works in Nashville, regardless of zip code.

MY CAMPAIGN: I knew why I was running for Mayor from the day I announced last spring. I got in because things haven't been right in our neighborhoods for a while and I knew the people who live and work in the city couldn't wait for change. And I couldn't wait to prioritize what’s important to the people in Nashville - ease of movement, affordability, and the basic trust that our trash will be picked up on time. Regardless of who the opponent was, why I am running and our plan for winning hasn't changed. Nashville needs a champion for the priorities that will help us feel better about the future we're going to share in the city we love.

We’ve had tremendous engagement across every channel we’ve been reaching out to voters—living rooms, conference rooms, social media, and my phone, which has been blowing up.

Can’t wait to see you soon and talk about building a Nashville that works together.


My best ...


Freddie O'Connell

Metro Council, District 19

Mayoral Candidate, 2023


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