On Gratitude and Giving

November 22, 2022

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year.

For years, one of our family's habits on Thanksgiving has been to make a list of the things we're thankful for.

It might sound a little like counting our blessings, but I think of it more as a way to be consciously reflective of—through good years and bad—how much there can be to be grateful for.

Last year, we confronted some pretty serious health issues, and it was a reminder of how thankful I was that we all reached the end of the year together in good health.

And I think, for me, that's one reason why I start thinking pretty hard at this time of year—when temperatures drop, when family and friends feel closer, when the world seems to slow down a little bit—about how to redirect that gratitude into generosity.

One of the things I'm grateful for is to live in the volunteer state and in a city that so often comes together to do important things.

If you find yourself in town and blessed with enough to offer—time or money—here are some ideas:

As you look ahead, if you're going to shop this weekend, I recommend Small Business Saturday to Black Friday. The statistics of how much money stays in the community when we shop local is staggering.

Even better than shopping, though, is Giving Tuesday. I'm particularly fond of the reflection of Thanksgiving resulting in support for the Native American Indian Association of Tennessee.

Regardless, I hope you find friends, family, or any part of your community that helps you find something to be grateful for.

My best ...


Freddie O'Connell

Metro Council, District 19

Mayoral Candidate, 2023





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