It's Time to Focus

March 14, 2023

It’s kind of hard to believe: early voting starts 4 months from today!

I’ve been focused since last May on working with you to build a better Nashville. And I’m excited because other people are starting to focus, too.

Now, here’s an issue we’re going to have to get past together. Do you know what I hear a lot?

“I like you and [insert name of candidate I like].”

Well, the time for choosing is basically here.

Just today, another candidate said, “And so a large-scale mass transit system is unlikely to solve the traffic issues we have today.” When we implement my plan, not only will we ease the pressures of traffic; we’ll also shorten transit commutes, reduce cost of living, and make the city more accessible. So let’s be clear: we can like multiple people but must choose the best policies and the best leaders to implement them.

There’s no other candidate in the race as committed to, capable of, or prepared to build the transit system Nashville needs. I know because transit helped me buy my house. Within three years, we’ll have more community transit centers and cross-town routes that help people move around the city without having to come downtown.

There’s no other candidate in the race who will keep our transit and affordable housing policy as tightly coupled. When we give you an affordable place to live right near good, reliable transit, you win twice.

There’s no other candidate in the race with deep experience with Metro that will be put to work on day 1, continue through day 100, and leave us with a measurably better city after 4 years.

If you like me but you also like someone else, we can all be friends on August 4th. But it’s almost time to choose.

It’s time to focus.

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Talk soon.

My best ...



Freddie O'Connell


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