A Deep Breath and Renewed Focus

November 10, 2022

Tuesday was Election Day for state and federal elections.

To those of us who have followed or participated closely in politics, we know: there is no finality. Now we turn our eyes to next year's critically important Metro conversation, when we elect a mayor, a vice mayor, and a Metro Council.

Years ago, a friend passed along an observation in what was almost a form of wisdom as oral tradition: we don't win; we make progress.

This really stuck with me. There really isn't some day when we achieve a goal and the work stops.

We are in a constant state of building our future, fighting for justice, unleashing potential, sharing vision, inviting conversation.

Most of you already know this, but it bears repeating: I'm running for mayor next year, and I need your support.

I'm excited that despite challenging an incumbent mayor, despite starting this conversation in the middle of another important cycle before our ballot, despite an uncertain field of candidates we've raised more money, more quickly, and earlier than ever before—and that's after setting a record for fundraising for a district Council race in 2019.

But the conversation I'm hoping to have with the city is going to require more resources than I've ever had to generate to support the incredible team we've already built.

On Election Day, the mayor announced a deal to bring NASCAR to the Fairgrounds.

But the priorities I'm hearing in the conversations I'm having are that people want a deal to build a better transit system.

People want a deal to bring more sidewalks and safer streets into their neighborhoods.

People want a deal to pick up trash on time and fill potholes quickly.

People want a deal to enforce the rules we've created to ask visitors to treat us with the same hospitality we offer them.

People want a deal to ensure a great seat for every student in our public schools.

People want a deal to know they can afford to live in the community they work in.

People want a deal to know that they can attain the jobs we're creating.

Well, I'm going to offer Nashville those deals. But I need you to invest in that offer.

We're off track. We've been off track for a while. And getting us back on track means a vision that's connected to our values.

Can you help? You'd be amazed what people power in the form of a $5, $15, or $25 donation  can do for a campaign team as talented and committed as ours.

I'm excited for the conversation we're going to have together and the work we're going to do together.

Thanks to so many of you for being a part of it with me for the past several years.




Freddie O'Connell

Metro Council, District 19

Mayoral Candidate, 2023





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